What We Are Loving At Target This Month

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If anyone knows Corinne and I our infinite love for Target is obvious! The amount of trips we make to the local Target is, well let’s just say numerous! We cannot help but love the way they pull you in with their amazing branding. They are the only store I know that can make a mop look super appealing. We would like to share with you our monthly Target picks, hoping that maybe you can enjoy them as well.


Corinne’s Picks

Women’s Embellished Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt – Knox Rose™ Olive

Women’s Long Sleeve Lace Henley Top – Knox Rose™ Forest Green

Sarah’s Picks

Women’s Grateful Graphic Sweatshirt – Grayson Threads (Juniors’) White

Women’s Plaid Tie Waist Dress with Shine – A New Day™ Black Plaid


Corinne’s Picks

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara -0.27 fl oz

Pacifica Disobey Time Rose and Peptide Facial Mask – 0.67oz

Sarah’s Picks

Vichy Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer – 1.69oz

e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator 0.11oz

Making a Home

Corinne’s Picks

Eucalyptus Pick Stem – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Astilbe Flower Bundle (16″) – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Earthenware Vase Short – Pink – Project 62™

Velour Accent Chair – Pink – Project 62™

Sarah’s Picks

Brass Library Task Lamp – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Decorative Wall Clock – Gold/Black – Threshold™

Baby Relax Addison Swivel Gliding Recliner


Corinne’s Picks

You’re All Kinds of Wonderful (School And Library) (Nancy Tillman)

Curated Closet : A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe

Whole30 Day by Day : Your Daily Guide to Whole30 Success (Paperback) (Melissa Hartwig)

Sarah’s Picks

Simply Calligraphy : A Beginner’s Guide to Elegant Lettering (Paperback) (Judy Detrick)

Year of Cozy : 125 Recipes, Crafts, and Other Homemade Adventures (Hardcover) (Adrianna Adarme)

Oh Baby

Corinne’s Picks

Sweet Jojo Designs Black and White Fox Fitted Crib Sheet

Fox Square Throw Pillow (14″X14″) Orange – Pillowfort™

Plush Changing Pad Cover Fox – Cloud Island™ – Orange

Sarah’s Picks

Baby Aspen Girls’ Simply Enchanted Unicorn Hooded Spa Robe 0-9M

Lambs & Ivy Plush Unicorn – Dawn

Eddie Bauer Fashion Heather Back Pack


Corinne’s Picks

Melissa & Doug® K’s Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set – Soft Baby Toy Set With 4 Cars and Trucks and Carrying Case

Puzzle Globe 14pcs

Sarah’s Picks

Happy Trails Bella the Rocking Unicorn

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition (7″ Display Tablet) Kid-Proof Case – 16GB

We hope you love these picks as much as we do!

What are your Target picks this month?

~Sarah and Corinne


Magic Monday Kindness: Self Improvement *free printable*

Acts of Kindness

Welcome to the first Magic Monday Kindness of the year! We are so excited for what we have in store for you!

Since it’s the new year many of us will have resolutions to lose weight and save money and while setting goals is really important we want to focus on another kind of self improvement.

That’s what this Magic Kindness Monday is all about! When you become a better individual you can give more love and joy to the world. So don’t discount acts of self love and improvement because they are some times the most important random acts of kindness.

We’ve set a goal to really focus on being kinder and more loving individuals. Not just once a week, but every day. We want to start off our mornings bringing love and kindness into our hearts and minds. That way when things start to get a little rough through out the day, we will be prepared to react in a more loving way.

This year Sarah and I will be starting our day with the prayer above and we encourage you to join in with us! You can print it off here and hang it somewhere you’ll see it everyday! Or choose a different prayer or mantra that will help you start each day in kindness!

“Dear Lord, work in me today, soften my heart, make my thoughts kinder and more loving. Shape me to be more thoughtful, like you. Teach me to bring my judgements and frustrations automatically to you, so that I can live a more joyful and carefree life. Where I can show others your light and love. Amen!”


Kindness Resolution Challenge

Acts of Kindness, Happiness + Gratitude

As we ring in the New Year, I’m sure that we all have resolutions in mind. Some of us may want to lose weight and others may want to become more financially stable. Sarah and I have dedicated our resolutions to becoming kinder and spreading more love in 2018! We hope that you will join us! Which is where the Kindness Resolution Challenge comes in! Lets all get together this month and make a resolution to spread kindness and love through out our communities!

Below is a list of 30 Random Acts of Kindness. Every time you complete one of the acts, post about it on social media and in the comments below! Make sure you use the hashtags #KindnessCurated and #KRC2018 so that we’ll be able to see you spreading kindness! (make sure your IG account or FB post is public so we are able to view it!) The person who completes the most random acts of kindness between January 1st and January 31st will win a grand prize bundle of our favorite things!! The prize bundle includes Tone It Up workout bands, a prayer journal, and lots of other goodies that will help you with all your New Year resolutions, plus a couple that are just for fun!

1.  Send cards to hospitalized children

2.  Leave $ dollars and a nice note in the dollar bins at the store

3. Compliment a stranger

4. Do an unexpected favor for a family member

5. Donate old clothing that is still in good condition

6. Do an act of self love

7. Send anonymous flowers

8. Donate an unused toy to a children’s charity.

9. Leave a new pack of baby wipes at a changing station

10. Donate children’s toys that are still in good condition to a church nursery or some where else that will accept them

11. Buy groceries for a family that you know is in need.

12. Leave a note of small gift for your mail carrier.

13. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter

14. Place love notes through out your town.

15. Donate a knitting square to Warm Up America

16. Angel Bags for the homeless.

17. Spread encouragement and kindness online.

19. Pay for the person in front of or behind you in line or drive thru

20. Volunteer at your local animal shelter

21. Do a 5k for a good cause

22. Do a fundraiser for a good cause

23. Work on self improvement

24. Babysit for free

25. Bring in donuts or another treat for unsuspecting co-workers

26. Leave your waiter or waitress a generous tip

27. Give a small gift to a group of people you may normally not give to (teachers, neighbors etc.)

28. Smile at a Stranger

29. Leave the quarter in your cart at Aldi for the next person

30. Pay the parking meter for someone else

Feel free to make up your own acts of kindness and do something that’s not on the list!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: When making your posts on social media please take this into account. Most charities and organizations that you help will love to be tagged in your posts as well to gain awareness for their cause. However make sure to be cautious when helping individuals that you do not include anyone’s personal information unless they have specifically authorized you to do so! You can still post about your random act of kindness without revealing whom you helped out.

We are so excited for this challenge and can’t wait to see all the ways you decide to spread kindness and love!

💖Corinne and Sarah

Relaunching in 2018!

Motherhood + Life

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We enjoyed time with our families and are left feeling very blessed!

We’re so excited to announce that we will be revamping and relaunching our site in 2018!

You’ll want to stay tuned for all the awesome things we have in store for you all! Lots of challenges and giveaways and of course lots of love and kindness!

💖 Corinne and Sarah

Gift Guide: 5 DIY Gifts for the Procrastinator

Happiness + Gratitude, Style + DIY

We all know one, or maybe it’s ourselves. The person who waits until the last minute to go Christmas shopping to find out the shelves are empty of all the good stuff. Well this gift guide is here to help you with those last minute gifts, and hey they will mean much more since they were made with your own two hands! ❤

sock sloth            Via- Craft Passion

Sock Sloth– This one is perfect for the little ones in your life. I am sure you have some socks hanging around somewhere; you know the ones that don’t have matches. You have held on to them this long thinking you may find its mate, but it’s time to let him go. Turn it into something that someone can use and appreciate. (I don’t mean the old grungy ones; I’m talking the nice ones you may have only worn once.)

Am Knitting Tutorial - Make Your Own Infinity Scarf In Half An Hour!      Via-Cute DIY Projects

Infinity Scarf– If you have some yarn laying around than this gift is for you. Watch the tutorial in the link to learn how you can turn that yarn into a beautiful scarf for a friend!

Aw, how cool is this! DIY Gift Idea: Sangria for Friends, housewarming, for women, new neighbor, anyone! Who wouldn't love this!? They can even use the drink dispenser again and again!          Via- Fantabulosity

DIY Sangria gift– This gift will require a trip to the store, but you should have no problem finding the things you need for it. Grab a drink dispenser, a bottle of wine, some fruit, and a wooden spoon. Put these things all together and there you go; a lovely gift for the sangria lover in your life!

                Via- Sugar and Cloth

Marble Vases– These vases are beautiful and require very minimal items to make happen. All you need are some vases, black and gray nail polish, warm water, some bowls, and a plastic fork. The decorator in your life will love these homemade marble vases.

       Via- Blackberry Pepper Jelly

Blackberry Pepper Jelly– If you know someone who loves a spicy jelly then get to the kitchen and whip up some of this yummy jelly. Your loved one will love you for it! Pair with cream cheese and some crackers for a real treat!

We hope these gift ideas have given you some inspiration to get your last minute gifts together. We would love to hear how they turned out if you tried any of them!


This is not a paid advertisement. This is my honest opinion. However this blog post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through one of the links we may get paid, allowing to bring you even more awesome content! Thank you for your support!

Magic Monday Kindness: Spreading Christmas Cheer *FREE PRINTABLE*

Acts of Kindness

Welcome back for another addition of Magic Monday Kindness! Every Monday we try to do something to spread a little kindness, because here are Kindness Curated, we know that a little kindness can go a long way!

On this Monday we’re going to be taking about a simple, inexpensive but practical gift that is a perfect way to spread some kindness and holiday cheer! I always find myself wanting to be able to gift everyone in my life something, especially during the holidays. However all of us have to abide by some sort of budget. So it’s not always possible to buy everyone a personalized gift. The simple gift below is perfect to give to neighbors or as a teacher’s gift or to all the special people in your life that aren’t necessarily on your holiday shopping list. I’d like to give credit to Its Always Craft Time, where I originally got the idea from but just changed it up a bit by adding a little goodie bag.

We personally used ours as teacher gifts to give to all the teachers that help out in Parker’s classroom. I let Parker pick out some wrapping paper for all his teachers and then we added a little tag that says “Since November, you’ve been shopping. Barely sleeping, hardly stopping.
If you find its getting late and you’re out of paper or out of tape. I hope this wrap helps along the way and that you have a happy holiday!
” and a little goodie bag. Each of the goodie bags contained a thing of tape, a pair of decorative scissors(not included in the price, I had a pack of them laying around that I never used), decorative gift tags, a really cool glitter pen, and some peppermint bark (cause yum!). And the total for each gift was only $2.60! A perfect way to give a little something to someone you may normally just give a card to!

Click here for the free printable!

💖 Corinne

On the Ninth Day of Beauty My True Love Gave to Me

Motherhood + Life

afc01113-ec1d-44d4-9558-6e3f0a121e41-2We are now at day nine of the 12 days of beauty, I hope you have enjoyed the past nine days as much as I have if you have been playing along!  Today our door nine stated we were going to time travel! I guess my skin could use a travel back in time, but for me I am loving every minute of my present.  Spending every day soaking up the love of my little girl, and getting to enjoy her first Christmas here soon!

Having my skin look a few years younger wouldn’t be bad though, and that is what is promised with what’s behind door number nine. Honest Beauty Everything Organic Facial Oil is USDA certified organic facial oil packed with fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants.  All if these ingredients are great for moisturizing your skin for a younger look.

This oil was really nice, not too heavy and absorbed into my skin pretty quickly leaving it feeling very moisturized.  This stuff also smells amazing! Now I was torn because I didn’t want to use it in addition to using my VICHY Mineral 89 from door six.  The Honest Facial oil is really lovely, however I believe between the two I will stick with VICHY Mineral 89. I know I just loved that stuff as soon as I had put it on, and it’s more at my price point.

Check out what we found behind door eight here!